Commercial Solar

Solar Panels are Good Business

If you haven’t noticed, a solar revolution is upon us. As technology brings costs for solar power down, and the government and other groups offer incentives, we have the ability to free ourselves from harmful – and expensive – fossil fuel energy.

Even so, you may still wonder whether solar wondering whether solar panels are worth it for your business.solarstreetlightcommercial

We have reviewed several solar panel facts on Mira Bella’s residential page – and those are true for your commercial property, too. One of the most important of these facts is that while electric bills continue to skyrocket, solar panel efficiency will send them back down in the other direction.

As a business owner, your job is to maximize cash flow. You have goals to achieve, employees to support, and the longevity of your company to focus on. Imagine how it would feel to see slashed electric bills month after month – maybe even a zero where that way-too-big number used to be.

But controlling energy costs and electric bills is just the start.

While solar power installation companies install the solar panels with large, upfront costs and minimal involvement in your long-term planning, Mira Bella Energy is your partner solar company in Phoenix.

We’ll help you develop and achieve a corporate sustainability initiative. Our designers and solar panel installers work hand in hand with you, from site audit to system design, to permitting, installing, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance. We do the work on your core solar efficiency, so you can focus on your community and business goals.

And check out Mira Bella’s Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light – a first-of-its-kind street light that combines beautiful design with smart, economical engineering. You’ll see why everyone from architects to HOAs are lighting their streets in a whole new way!

Ready to get started?  Visit our company page to learn a little more about us. Then give us a call to start discussing your solar efficiency goals!

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