ASU Alumni Brothers Make Solar Technology

ASU Alumni brothers unite to invent new solar technology, and bring the California coast one step closer to 100% sustainable.

Upon graduating from the College of Technology and Applied Sciences with a degree in Manufacturing, James co-owned a commercial construction company in the valley in 2004. However, upon noticing the poor market conditions in 2009 and the effect on competitors, he opted to open a solar division of the company, Mira Bella Energy. Soon after, the utilization of energy-efficient products decreased and businesses sought a new technology.

“So with this realization in mind, we set out in 2012 to design products that were not only functional, but elegant as well and could be embraced by architects and designers for their customers. The Santa Cruz Solar Streetlight was the first product born out of this paradigm,” CEO of Mira Bella Energy, James said.

Read the full article at The State Press.


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