UCSC and City of Santa Cruz Install Mira Bella Solar Street Light

Mira Bella's Solar Street light at Santa CruzAs part of the award-winning GreenWharf partnership, the City of Santa Cruz and UC Santa Cruz have installed our Mira Bella Santa Cruz Solar Street Light at the end of the Wharf as a research pilot project. UCSC researchers currently collect data on wind speed, solar irradiance, and energy generation from the wind turbine and solar panel at the Wharf Headquarters. The goal with the Mira Bella Solar light is to provide the public and other researchers access to the solar street lamp’s performance data.

Wharf Supervisor Jon Bombaci adds “The solar streetlamp research pilot is another successful public-private project launched through the City-UCSC partnership, providing valuable research opportunities, educational experiences and helping to make the Wharf green.” Continue to the full article here at the GreenWhart Project.

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