Solar Street Light

The Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Lights – A New ‘Model’

Until now, solar street lights have served as utilitarian solutions that force designers to choose between form and function.

No more.


Improved solar panel efficiency, battery storage, and LED technologies have made possible an entirely new way to light our streets.

Mira Bella Energy has designed and developed an LED solar street light with the aesthetic and technological design elements, energy capture, and storage, to usher in this new era.

The Santa Cruz Solar Street Light’s elegant design blends the solar panel, LED light engine, and battery system into a form worthy of display in even the most distinctive communities. Our patented linear, minimal wind-loading, bifacial cell array is what sets this structure apart from any existing LED solar street lighting solutions available to date.

Our lights all share a robust, micro-processor-based core, coupled with a mesh-networked communications engine. This allows simultaneous and configurable lighting operation – and instantaneous fault notification. The processor core harvests all available solar light using an MPPT charge algorithm, storing it in a Li-ion battery pack housed within the pole. (Expect a service life of 3,000-plus charge cycles). Our standard LED light engine will provide up to 9,500 lumens of highly directed LED lighting – easily achieving the candlepower of a conventional 400-Watt HID bulb, with options for roadway, path, and park lighting schemes.

  • Bi-facial PV Solar Technology: Bi-facial panel technology is at the heart of our design. This growing PV technology allows us to capture more energy with less real estate.
  • The LED Light Engine: We use the latest-available LED technology to guarantee high-lumen output for 10-plus years. The LED light engines are made of high heat-dissipating ceramic material, which allows the lamps to see temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, with virtually no output degradation.
  • Li-ion Battery: Current products utilize legacy battery chemistries, and can’t provide a product life that competes with grid-based lighting. Our batteries, originally designed for use in electric cars, can achieve over 3,000 charge cycles – enough to provide an 8-year service life.
  • Web-based Controls: All of these components are controlled by an on-board control system, maximizing energy harvest, light control, and onboard remote communications and data storage via the Cloud.

Santa Cruz: Smart Economy, Sharp Style

All kinds of organizations are finding Mira Bella’s Santa Cruz LED solar street light an economical and aesthetic choice for their businesses and communities. Homeowners associations and planned communities are cutting costs – and helping keep their communities safe. Designers and architects can have aesthetics and energy consumption/output in one solution.  Businesses, municipalities, and other commercial properties are managing lights from our cloud-based platform, and slashing their energy bills. We have developed an LED solar street light that outperforms the competition, and looks good while doing it!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

Ready to get started? Visit our interior pages to learn how HOA’s, architects, and commercial property owners are applying the Santa Cruz Solar Street Light. Our gallery also offers specific installation applications, so you can learn more!

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