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Architects and designers are able to achieve form and function, as well as maximum energy collection, with the Santa Cruz Solar Street Light. Contact us today!

Looking for specifications? Click here for Santa Cruz Solar Street Light Specs

LED solar street lights have been available as a utilitarian solution for architects and designers for some time now. Typically, the solutions on the market have made architects, designers, and city planners force themselves to choose between form and function.

No more. Not with the Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light…..

Mira Bella has developed the Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light as the answer for architects and designers looking for contemporary aesthetics and maximum energy collection.

The Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light opens a new class of street lighting….

Standard features of the Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light are unrivaled in the existing LED solar street lighting technology that is available today. For instance, the Santa Cruz linear single cell width and bi-facial solar panel array along the side of the light pole present many advantages to the typical single solar panel placed atop the pole. Energy collection is maximized as early morning and late afternoon sunlight is captured, not just at peak sun times. Have you seen a solar street light that can do this?

Our solar street lights need no electric power hook-up. Our street light produces its own power and is self-contained. Therefore there is no attachment to a home, commercial property, gate, or electric panel power source necessary. There is also no digging of trenches to run electric wires, so the integrity of your building or landscape will never be jeopardized. However, for any “mission critical” concerns, the Santa Cruz is offered in a grid-hybrid option. Many municipalities and industrial parks prefer the option of having the Santa Cruz connected to the grid as a back-up, should they want to tap into grid electricity at any time.

The Santa Cruz onboard communications engine allows for streamlined, fast, digital control and data acquisition. Our product is also connected to the Cloud, allowing full remote monitoring and data storage. Digital and analog inputs are available. Please contact a representative for details.

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