LED solar street lighting is a natural progression of the solar energy movement, coupled with the evolving LED lighting system technologies, that businesses, industrial parks, city governments, and municipalities are employing across the country every day.

Mira Bella Energy has developed the Santa Cruz LED Solar Street light as a cost effective and environmentally responsible answer to safely light parking lots for retail and industrial units, roadways, parks, schools, and more. Our light comes in an completely off-grid and grid hybrid solution.

The advantages of LED solar street light fixtures over traditional, grid-powered lights are exponential:

  • Installation is quick and less costly than grid street lighting. Grid powered lighting requires infrastructure, expansive engineering, and wiring and trenching of cables. The Santa Cruz Solar Street Light is self-contained and does not require hard wiring into existing city grids.
  • Our light comes in a grid hybrid option. Although units can be self contained, for those mission critical times, our light can be installed on a grid. Should solar energy ever fail, the light can produce light from the grid configuration as a back-up.
  • Installing self-contained LED solar street lighting is proving very beneficial, not only for sustainability, but also for ease of installation for pre-existing paved municipalities – for example airports, courthouses, highways, and roadways.
  • LED solar street lighting for parks and recreation departments is a hassle-free and affordable solution for lighting hiking trails, parks, nature reserves & sports fields. Installing the Santa Cruz solar street light doesn’t disturb the natural landscape!
  • Replacement costs are slim to none. The battery will last around 3,000 cycles (approx. 8 years) and the solar panels will produce for 25 years. All components of the Santa Cruz solar street light are guaranteed.

The Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light can be installed in a variety of settings:

Parking lots
Public beaches and piers
County highways
City streets
Parks and recreation
Government buildings
School districts
Public transit stations

Retrofitting has been a concern, as many business owners and municipalities have already made the jump to LED bulbs. Mira Bella can retrofit your current light, but we encourage to visit our Retrofitting page to learn more about this process.

Mira Bella Energy is also developing a full suite of web based applications to complement our product and offer additional functionality such as Cloud data storage and remote monitoring. All of the systems sold will utilize our on-board processor based charge controller, which will allow for remote firmware upgrades opening up a host of features for specialized customer needs. We have both digital & analog inputs that can be monitored via the Cloud. Contact us today to get started!


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