Retrofitting LED and Traditional Street Lights

During our development process of the Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light, one trend became widely apparent. Many of our clientele were property owners that had already retrofitted their traditional, grid-powered street light to an LED streetlight. Maybe this story sounds familiar….

The decision to retrofit a standard street light to an LED street light has been an easy one. LED Bulbs have about 50 times the life of incandescent bulbs, and about 5 times the life of CFL bulbs. Add in the enormous utility bill savings for the minimal draw that an LED bulb requires, the cost savings make sense for an LED retrofit.

Now, let’s add in a solar advantage!

Mira Bella Energy’s goal with the Santa Cruz LED Solar Street Light is to encourage owners and municipalities to consider retrofitting standard street lights to LED Solar before an LED upgrade. The problem we see, time and time again, is once the street light has been upgraded to support an LED bulb, the cost to rebuild the socket, lens, and electric feed is much more costly then retrofitting directly to an LED solar option.

Of course, it can be done. Mira Bella Energy is consistently swapping LED retrofits to LED solar retrofits with our Santa Cruz Light. Any retrofit can be completed with off grid or grid hybrid configuration. Please visit our Architects and Designers page to read more about different applications of the Santa Cruz Solar Street Light, visit the Specifications page for details, or contact a representative today!


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